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Painting a Floral Wreath

NEW SERIES: My Painting Tutorials Explained - Part 1: Keeping up to Date with Tutorial Versions

I have been told I have a unqiue style when writing my painting tutorials. I suppose that may be the case when I have looked at other talented artists and how they write out their instructions for painting one of their designs.


Shabby Rose Box Painting Tutorial


I haven't been writing painting tutorials for very long. I started out in 2018 and I can honestly say that it was a major feat! My first tutorial was my Shabby Rose Box Design. It came out to be 13 pages with a total of 13 videos to go along with steps to paint the design! It has been updated since first writing it, to make it more streamlined and helpful to and helpful for the reader/painter.  Having updated the tutorial, I decided to go back and re-send the updated version to all of my painters who had purchased it at no additonal charge to the painter .


" I realize this isn't really the norm to go and resend tutorials out with updates, but I really wanted my painters who follow and subscribe to my designs to feel like I am not just quickly writing up tutorials and moving on, its more than that. I want subscribers to understand that my tutorials evolve and can be used and enjoyed for years to come and know that I have done my very best to keep them up to date and as comprehensive as I can." 

 Fast forward to today, I now have a way to resend any painting tutorial that has been updated to all of my customers/subscribers ( also at no additional cost) so that now all that they need to do is to look at the date of the digital file and they know they have the most recent, most updated tutorial in their hands.

"I take pride in knowing that I am doing the best I can in providing a product that is not just a one and done but a tutorial that can evolve over time."

 In Part 2 of this series, I will be sharing and explaining different attributes of my painting tutorials and what makes them unique in their own way. 

Until next time!

Happy painting! 


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