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Answers to some frequently asked questions for

Tracey Designs Art.


1. I love painting and really want to learn to paint in your style. Do you offer any help for painters like me? 

Anyone can learn to paint, I have said this for many years and have found that with the right steps and support, you CAN learn how to paint and enjoy your work and share it with others. 

I offer painting tutorials that are very comprehensive in how they are written and also have a private community on Facebook that you can join to learn more, ask questions and get one-on-one feedback from me and others if you wish within the community. There,  I share tips and things to help you along your painting journey. 

I love seeing new painters begin to really enjoy creating, having fun and finally seeing progress in what they are painting! We can do this together! 

2. I am a crafter and create crafts/handpainted items for fairs and festivals. Can I paint your designs and sell them? 

Anyone who paints can paint from my painting tutorial designs using my patterns/color palettes/substrate ideas and sell my designs as long as credit is given to me since the design originated from me at Tracey Designs and Artworks, LLC ( giving credit by adding Tracey Designs is just fine for us, wink)

I happily create these tutorials for others to use and paint ( as I say often ) for family, friends & fairs. 

3. Do you paint commissions or do you paint custom orders? 

Absolutely! I have done commission work in the past for wedding celebrations, family reunions and much more ~ let's work together to create something beautiful! Contact me to get the creative ideas flowing! 

Please Note - Commissions are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. I only take a few comissions per year because of the time specific projects can take ie., weddings, anniversaries, showers etc., 

4. What kind of painting do you do? And what kind of paints do you use for painting and finishing your products? 

I typically paint using acrylic paints and watercolors (sometimes both together). I use different mediums at times to help give me the kind of style of painting I have grown to enjoy.

I finish my acrylic items with either matte, satin or gloss varnishes that can be both spray and/or liquid form.  My watercolors I usually will not seal although I have sealed on request, with a wax finish that is rubbed onto the watercolor paper. 

5. Are you available to teach workshops/classes/paint parties? 

I enjoy doing in-person teaching! I have done classes, workshops for schools, private groups, lessons etc., Contact me to give me an idea of what exactly you would like to set up and do! 

6. Can I share and feature your work? ( I am a blogger, designer, painter, editor)

I would love for you to share my works and feature my art on your platform. Please be sure to message me and let me know what you would like to do so we can collaborate together! As always, please make sure you credit me when you are sharing and writing about me and my work.

7. Do you collaborate with other designers? interior decorators? wedding planners? or photographers? 

I have collaborated with many people and circumstances and always look forward to what we can do together! Message me and lets get started! 

Digital Download Questions? check out these answers to see if they might help

8. I just purchased a download and cannot find where it went! Help! 

When a download is purchased you will automatically receive an order confirmation for your purchase. On that confirmation you will see a blue large download button - if you click on that button your download will automatically download to your device ( desktop or mobile phone ) 

Wondering where it went? go to your "downloads" folder on your computer and you will find it there. If on mobile, go to your Files icon on your phone and you will see it listed there. 

Along with the blue button download, you will also receive a confirmation email sent to the email you provided when you purchased the download. Inside the email, you will see a blue hyperlink that you can click on and download it there as well. 

Please note, there is a 2 download limit to your purchase so if you download from the blue download button AND then download from the email - both of those actions count as your download limit and you will get a banner explaining you have reached your download limit. 

As with any purchase, if you hit a snag just email me or use the "contact Tracey" tab on the lower right hand side and let me know and we will get everything straightened out with no worries at all. 

Have a question that was not answered?  Please feel free to contact me here if you have need any more information.