Hello, I'm Tracey!

I LOVE painting in acrylic, watercolor and mixed media! I am mostly self- taught with some classic instruction and understudy along the way.  

I have always loved creating from a very young age. Inspired by nature, I enjoy bringing forth, through my art, a unique, impressionistic style.  

Tracey in the Studio

I enjoy painting from my two level, at-home studio, located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire that was built off the side of our home in 2006. 

About my studio...  

The first floor level was designed specifically for instruction classes because at the time, I had been working with all ages and levels of painters, ( in local schools, nursing homes and private classes ) and it seemed natural for me to continue to help others find their own artistic style right from my very own studio!

The second floor is my private, special place, where I can paint and try out new inspirational ideas for others to enjoy. It's a very sunny spot and I love how it is nestled up high over lots of foliage and trees. It's quite stunning during our Fall season up there!

I decided to step away... for a time

After a year or so from building the studio, I decided to cover it all up and take some time to step away from painting in order to homeschool our two youngest boys and deal with some personal health issues. These were some of my most rewarding and toughest days, trying to balance both teaching, managing our home and chronic illness.  

Learning to persevere ...

After my youngest son had finished his formal studies at home I decided to come back and uncover my special place, my studio. I found over that time, how to live with my chronic illness and was able to come back to my studio renewed, replenished and with a restored inspiration, to begin painting and creating again. 

Now, this is a time I can carve out for me and to share with all of you. A time to uncover and follow my own creative journey and share my inspirations. 

Join me, and let's share together to paint, create and celebrate an artistic journey! 


Happy painting! 

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