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Painted Flowers with matching swatch colors

A Style of my Own

I often hear from others about how my painting seems a bit different from other artists/designers they see. I suppose I do have my own style and appreciate the fact that I may be different in how I do things and also how my painting style may be from more traditional artists. I kind of like that though! 

I believe that is really what creating is all about!

Pink Floral Wreath with Matching Color Swatches

When creating art, I feel like its important to remember why we are creating - any kind of paint and create things that are meaningful to us as individuals...

Typically, I think we create things because we want to make/say something that speaks to us, or to someone, as to what we are trying to accomplish in creating a kind of feeling or making some kind of connection. 

 For me, "I love flowers - I especially enjoy the details and beauty flowers bring into our day. It's probably why I paint with a kind of intuitive, impressionistic style so that I show details I see and want to bring forth, when I am creating them." 

"Painting is a journey that brings us to that place inside of us that is only able to be shown by what we put on paper and what is between us and that blank canvas.

I feel as though I will always be learning, and always evolving in my journey of creating and making art...

I hope to inspire some of you, my readers, to try creating something you never thought you would be able to do. To learn to find your own artistic voice and along the way, find your own style as you create. 

Along my journey so far, I have finally started to find my own style, my own artistic voice and I really look forward to sharing my inner thoughts and reflections here as a quiet place to share my creative journey with all of you.

Be sure to check here often as I will be diving into all kinds of areas of creativity!

Until next time!

Happy painting!




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