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Miniature magenta flowers painted by Tracey Designs Art

Miniature Floral Paintings - Some Details!

I have always enjoyed painting miniature. I know it might sound a bit crazy to some! I think one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much is because it's actually  how I got started in painting.

I will explain that in a bit more detail later on, but for right now, I wanted to share specific details about my miniature painted florals.

About the Miniature Floral Paintings

Miniature Flower Bouquet on window sill

 Original works

Each of my floral miniatures paintings are all hand painted by me and are my own design, painted in my own, intuitive, loose style.

Most if not all are one-of-a-kind, because they are hand painted and are not from any form of reference. 

I can try and have created similar ones for clients but cannot duplicate these because of the way I paint them. 


 Most of my miniature florals are painted with acrylics or watercolors and it is noted in each description that is given for each of the miniature florals.


Each canvas has been varnished several times for protection. And it is strongly suggested that these little florals are to be for indoor use only NOT for any outdoor purposes. 


These miniature florals are sold separately. The cost ranges from $25.00 -$55.00 depending on the time and detail of the piece that was created.

Each price includes the following; 

  • original miniature artwork
  • miniature easel 
  • certifcation of authenticity
  • shipping within the continental United States and Canada only at this time.

 Custom Orders

I have done custom/comission orders in the past and would be happy to discuss with you what you might be looking for. If interested please contact me for further information at and we can set up a call to chat. 

 I hope this answers many of your questions that you might have had and I look forward to creating more of these in the near future. 

Learn more about how I got started painting miniature -

Let me explain a bit more about how I got started painting miniature. It all started with birdhouses. This was way back when my boys were little and as they would nap from playing outside, I would set aside some time to get paints out and paint up some different birdhouses that were no more than 3" in size. At the time, I suppose I wasn't really concerned about how small it was, I just painted - and it seemed pretty natural to paint small considering what size the birdhouse I was painting on! 

Fast forward to today - I still enjoy painting small. I have found ways to improve my painting and have taught others how they also can paint miniature and its really a lot of fun. I have found that many are really surprised just how enjoyable painting miniature can be! 

Learning to Paint Miniature 

I am planning some more painting tutorials for specifically painting miniature. In the tutorials I plan to share some techniques that can help you when painting those tiny little petals and flowers. So be sure to sign up for my newsletter and join and check my Tracey Designs Members Community on Facebook where I keep everyone up to date and its completely free to join! 

Until next time! 

Happy painting! 


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