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Work in Progress Painting Blue Abstract Painted Hearts

Getting Started in Your Painting Journey - Finding your Intuitive Creativity

 I have been thinking about how things can be quite overwhelming when someone is considering starting a new hobby or maybe trying something new that is completely out of their comfort zone. I get it. I have been there! 

I have sat in art classes where everyone looked completely overwhelmed and anxious as the teacher/artist started in, showing them how to achieve a specific skill.

I remember sitting there thinking there has to be a better, more adaptable way for others to enjoy creating and painting! 

What if I told you there is!

Finding your creativity can mean unlocking your intuitive, inner-artist and passion...

In the past, I have had so much fun watching over and helping others be inspired by things they can create on their very own. I believe there just needs to be a certain amount of trust that needs to happen in the process of allowing yourself to go out on that limb and try out some brush strokes and give yourself permission to freely create - even if there might be some things that don't turn out exactly as you wish, sometimes, we might find we surprise ourselves, as to how successful we actually might be! 

I have taught- (I like to look at it as more facilitating than teaching) little ones  kingergarten age, up to more mature people into their 80's to enjoy their own, unique creativity and be able paint flowers and things, in a way they never thought they would be able to do. 

I have to say its quite fun to hear someone gasp in disbelief -

"Look, Oh My Gosh, I had no idea I could do this".

Well yes! You CAN paint. Sometimes it just takes the right bunch of things to come together for you to really achieve what your looking for. 

Creativity is inside of you. It has always been there, it just needs some encouragement !

I think what happens to many of us is that there are stories we tell ourselves. Things we set aside and put away for all different kinds of reasons -

"I will try this when I have more time" 
"I have these saved for when I get these things finished"
"When the kids are older, I will have more time"
"I would have loved to be able to paint if I only had the time"
"I would paint if I only could draw more than a stick figure"!
"When I have the space to store all my materials" 


Do any of these sound familiar ? It doesn't have to be that way. 

 Try putting all those excuses and stories we tell ourselves aside and start out small. Start out finding what inspires you. Being inspired leads to wonderfully unique creativity!

Lets look at some ways we can begin to find our own creativity ~

1. Create an Inspiration Folder 

Do you love color? Do you have a favorite color? or maybe its a combination of colors?

Color Swatch
We might want to consider a favorite combination of colors, as a color palette. Create a digital folder of color combinations/palettes that you feel work  together nicely.
Try searching on Pinterest and online for some favorite color palettes you might want to save and tuck away. These little tidbits of color combinations can help bring together a beautiful floral arrangement on a canvas!

I search out color palettes all the time. I share some of these in my member community to inspire some fun combinations. I find collection these can be so addicting! I love the ideas I get. Here is my Pinterest Board for some color palettes I have saved and keep adding to.
Search out things you enjoy the most, and save some of those photos for you to peruse through later on. Add this to the folder too.   
 2. Find a few artists that you find inspire you. 
Social Media Scrabble Pieces
Explore and seek out some creatives that are found online.

 Maybe you like an artist's particular style, or the colors they use. Make a list of them and follow them on social media - this will help you to realize your own style and potential. It may give you a chance to try out a few things you might not have thought about and by doing so, can help you get a bit more comfortable painting.

You Tube, Instagram, Facebook and also Threads can be GREAT places to find some great artistic inspiration. Search out specific items you want to learn to paint and browse through suggested people as well and it will send you on all kinds of "bunny trails."

When finding these wonderful and talented artists - It's not so much about copying them, its more about trying out some techniques they share and broadening your understanding of a particular painting subject or medium. 

3.Grab your camera or smartphone and start taking some photos of nature. 

camera on a table with a potted plant There is nothing more inspiring if you want to paint nature than to jump in your car and go for a ride or take a long walk or hike to enjoy the world of nature that is all around us. 
Take some photos that might inspire you to paint or use as a library for references in painting.
 These are just a few ways to unlock your creativity and inspire you to begin thinking about painting.

Some of us need very little encouragement, while others seem to need more and there is nothing wrong with that. I have found many that become inspired by other artists work find they want to try out their own ideas, in hopes of creating something meaningful and beautiful.

This is sort of where I realized that perhaps making some step by step tutorials might be helpful to others who are not yet ready to just begin and try things out for themselves. 

I sort of consider my painting tutorials as kind of like "training wheels" to get you going and get you started.

Then, as you continue and paint, you begin to need those step by step instructions less and less. This is how you know your beginning to evolve and grow as an artist. 

In another post that still continues to explore "Finding your Intuitive Creativity" I want to try to sort out some of the misconceptions new painters can have at times with painting.

Sometimes we see something we love and would like to paint, but a little voice tells us to reconsider it, because it may be too hard, too involved and too much to tackle. I will dive into this a bit deeper in another post as it pertains to getting started in a painting journey and pull back some of the layers and some of the  predisposed fears we listen to, and give you some perspectives to consider.

I will be using one of my painting tutorials as an example to explain how and what we "see" may not actually be as intimidating as it may seem. 

Until next time!

Happy painting!


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