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Celebrating Hearts for the Season!

Celebrating Hearts for the Season!

As I get back to my Studio after some time away I started thinking about the upcoming months ahead and realizing there is still quite a bit of winter left for us here, in the New Hampshire. I started looking towards Valentines Day and thought of the heart designs I had created.  I decided to share over next couple of weeks some heart designs that might go along nicely with the season. Candy Valentines Heart Magnets Painting Tutorial

I have created a few heart designs in the past and have a some tutorials that involve painting on heart canvases and wooden heart ornaments. So, I decided why not share these and have a mini-sale for these tutorials in particular! 

I created this Candy Valentines Heart tutorial while I was enjoying just how pretty those little conversation candies are. These are those pastel candies with the little messages stamped on them. I loved all the pastel colors and wanted to capture that in a little "candy heart" inspired design. 

A bit about my Candy Valentines Heart Tutorial

My Candy Valentines Heart Painting Tutorial is a 13-page digital painting tutorial that is really easy to follow and also includes a video for how I painted the floral bouquet on one of the hearts. Its and exclusive video just for this pattern and you can view it here.  

This is a fun design that uses a miniature hearts stencil that can be found just about anywhere stencils are sold. You can use different sizes also to make it even more fun and interesting for the background.

"As I was creating this pattern, I kept in mind all levels and ages of painters. I wanted something that could be as simple or as detailed as I could, for any level of painter - from beginner/children to the experienced painter."

The main cover photo shares the very detailed magnets with the floral bouquet you can paint and also a more simple version, with the stenciled hearts and a simple word or message on top.

"A fun, different approach, in painting for Valentines Day"

Candy Valentines Heart Sample Page

 I include some tips inside the tutorial to help you as you paint along. I like to add notes and tips when I think of them as I am painting the design. 

I hope you enjoy the pattern. I was really trying to capture the fun, light-hearted colors of those conversation candies and I feel like I may have done just that! 




Until next time!

Happy painting! 


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