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Painting Eggs for the Easter Holiday!

Painting Eggs for the Easter Holiday!

Have you been painting for Easter yet?  I have been painting some eggs over the past several weeks. I decided to paint some more because some of you have been asking for specific ones I have done and for those, I set aside, and they were sent out to their new homes for Easter. I decided, since so many enjoyed them, I would get to work and paint up some more! 

The newly painted eggs will be available in my magnet collections page and I am starting with the egg magnets first and then will continue to add spring designs throughout the coming weeks and month ahead. 

Painting Vines on a blue flowered egg

This is a small 2 1/2" wooden egg is an adaptation from my popular Vintage Vines Egg Painting Tutorial. 

I adjusted the colors only slightly and the color palette can be found in my Bunny Blue Freebie Color Palette i, just in case your wondering what colors I used for this little one. 

It's a really delicate design that I think is one of my favorites I have done. 

This design can be so versatile. It can be painted on all kinds of surfaces - not just eggs! 

If your new to any of my painting designs your going to find that many of my designs I create can be painted on all kinds of different surfaces. 

For example, this design would be beautiful painted on a miniature wooden frame. It can also be used as an accent floral motif for some wooden or paper mache letters for a little girls room. 

One other really fun way to use this design with the painted wooden egg magnets is to paint them for baby shower favors. They make a wonderful favors to hand out to friends and family on the day of the shower - paint or stencil the new baby's name and glue a magnet to the back and they have a wonderful reminder of a special day that is coming!

If your wanting to paint this vintage-style design you can find the painting tutorial here 

Vintage Vines Egg Painting Tutorial PDF


I hope you get a chance to check out this painting tutorial. It is just so perfect for any Spring painting, not just for eggs and Easter!

Until next time!

Happy painting!


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